How we got started...

Just like many of you, we have gotten bored with these unimaginative games and reskins that the big AAA studios are coming out with.  We decided that it was time for  new content and new ideas.  Time for some real thinking outside the box gaming.  So Incindiegames was formed and we are committed toc reating the best in interactive entertainment by making games that change the way people have fun.

What We Are About


Incindiegames is a newly formed small Indie Game Developer that was launched in late 2021.  Unfortunately, we do not have many accomplishments to our name.  However, they are on the way!


Incindiegames is committed to developing creative and innovative games, that players will want to play.  We guarantee that you will not see the same old boring features in our games.


We all have our own first experience with online gaming.  My first real experience was playing Starcraft back in 1999 while I was a soldier in the US Army.  That was a truly innovative and fun game.  Since then gaming has changed tremendously.  Gaming is now a gigantic industry with a large and diverse community of gamers.  Incindiegames believes that the community comes first and profits come last.  Incindiegames will listen to the gaming community and work hard to deliver the features and games they are asking for.  The profits, prestige, and awards may or may not come but that isn't what is important.  The community is what's important, the community is what made the gaming industry an over $114 billion dollar industry in the US for 2020.  Unfortunately the gaming industry has forgotten that they are beholden to the community and to the fans of gaming.  Incindiegames will never forget and will always put the community #1.

We would also like to hear from you and hear your ideas.  Please feel free to send us a message and let us know what you think, your ideas, or if you would like to help us become the best in gaming today.  Who knows, you may find yourself playing one of our games and see your ideas being used.