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About Incindiegames

Taking gaming to the next level!

Incindiegames is a small Indie Game Studio that was developed with four core commitments in mind, the gaming community, quality, innovation, and fun!

The Gaming Community:  We will be surveying, polling, and asking gamers their opinions on most game development decisions.  When gamers play our games we want them to see their ideas and opinions in the games they enjoy.

Quality:  At Incindiegames we will never surrender quality for a paycheck.  No games will ever be finalized or fully released until ready for the marketplace.

Innovation:  Many of the games developed today are rehashes of old ideas or other uninspired game features.  Incindiegames is committed to making games that players will want to play and keep coming back to play more and more.  You will find fun and new features in all of our games.

Fun:  Games are supposed to be all about fun.  Unfortunately games at times can also be very frustrating.  Here at Incindiegames we develop our games with fun in mind.  You will not find most frustrating features or attributes in our games that other games have.  Our developers go through a simple decision process to decide what should not be in our games.  We ask ourselves three quick questions.

  1. What is the purpose or need for the feature?

  2. Will the feature increase the fun of the game or increase player frustration?

  3. Is the feature required for the game's style or feel?​

We answer these questions and then decide if we are going to add the feature or omit it from the game design.​


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